Tanning Salon Franchises Are So 1990s


In decades past, tan skin was considered healthy, and tanning salon franchises popped up everywhere.

We now know that tanned skin is damaged skin. While we still might see the occasional tanning salon franchise, they don’t have the investment potential they once did. Tanning salon franchise opportunities are so 90s. The salon franchise of the future is the sugaring franchise.

The Tanning Salon Franchise, the Spray Tanning Franchise, and the Sugaring Franchise: The Battle for Skin Health

The Tanning Salon Franchise

One thing we learned from all that bronzed skin in the 1990s and earlier: it leads to a greater chance for skin cancer. It doesn’t matter the skin type or whether the UV exposure is a “base tan” or a sunburn—more UV exposure means more risk of skin cancer.

Still, two myths persist with regard to tanning salon franchise opportunities:

  • Myth 1: Indoor tanning with a tanning bed is safer than tanning outdoors
  • Myth 2: Tanning beds are a safe source of vitamin D

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, indoor tanning is definitely not safer than the sun. The development of squamous cell carcinoma increases by 58%, and basal cell carcinoma goes up by 24% in people who make regular use of tanning salon franchises. People younger than 20 who routinely use tanning beds increase their risk of developing melanoma—the most dangerous form of skin cancer—by a very scary 47%.

That busts the first myth.

Vitamin D is necessary to maintain healthy bones, muscles, and a strong immune system. Vitamin D comes from sunlight, right? It stands to reason that if tanning beds mimic sunlight, we’ll get vitamin D there, as well. Not so.

The vitamin D we make, prompted by sun exposure, is specifically triggered by UVB light. Modern day tanning beds emit about 95% UVA and only about 5% UVB light. Getting vitamin D through a supplement or our diet is far safer than relying on tanning salon franchises. There goes that second myth.

For this reason, the tanning bed franchise has become less attractive to investors. The tanning salon franchise cost is not likely to earn out with the ROI that was possible in the 90s.

The Spray Tanning Franchise

What if we take the UV light spectrum out of it with a spray tanning franchise?

The active ingredient in spray tanning is dihydroxyacetone, or DHA (not to be confused with another DHA, docosahexaenoic acid). Spray tan DHA is a glycerin derivative that binds with the amino acids in dead skin cells on the skin’s outermost layer. This reaction produces pigments called melanoidin, similar to the melanin pigmentation produced by sun exposure.

This reaction takes about 2-4 hours to begin and can continue to darken the skin for up to 72 hours. As those dead skin cells then shed, the tan effect will fade over the following 1-2 weeks, requiring reapplication of the spray tan to maintain the coloring.

But is it safe?

Spray Tanning Franchises vs Tanning Salon Franchises

Spray tanning is a newer alternative to tanning salon franchises and sun exposure, so there’s not a lot of data to lend to the long-term knowledge of its effects. However, we now understand that roughly 11% of spray tanning applications are absorbed into the live cells in the epidermis and the dermal layer under that. Further study into DHA has shown it can cause DNA damage, which can lead to cancer. This study didn’t specifically correlate DHA with cancer, but there is a concern that the implication is there.

The FDA has also not approved spray tanning for all-over use because it is recommended that DHA not be inhaled, which can occur with the mist spray tanning franchises use to apply the product.

Some medical professionals and researchers are concerned that repeated exposure and inhalation of DHA may increase the risks of conditions like asthma, COPD, and even lung cancer.

The Sugaring Franchise

The sugaring franchise opportunities, such as L.A. Bikini, are leaving the tanning salon franchise opportunities in the past, where it should stay.  We combine modern day knowledge on healthy skin care with techniques to remove unwanted hair and achieve smooth, healthy looking skin.

No, it’s not tanned skin, but in today’s society, having a deep tan is no longer a sign of skin health. People don’t seek a bronzed look so much as they do a smooth, creamy complexion without blemishes, early signs of aging, or unwanted hair. Sugaring can help with all of that.

What is Sugaring?

Sugaring is a superior method of removing unwanted hair when compared to waxing and shaving for several reasons:

  • The sugar paste is applied at room temperature rather than hot wax temperature, which reduces the risk of harm to the skin. No nicks, cuts, or burns.
  • Sugar paste adheres only to the unwanted hair follicle and dead skin cells, not live cells. So when the paste is pulled to remove hair, it’s less painful.
  • The paste is applied in the opposite direction of the hair growth. That way, when it’s pulled, it’s in the direction of hair growth. This means less breakage of the hair shaft and fewer ingrown hairs. Fewer bumps than with shaving or waxing, and smoother skin.
  • The sugar paste removes the dead skin cells it adheres to as well, so it acts as an exfoliator, revealing fresh, new skin underneath. It looks more youthful because it is more youthful.

The sugaring franchise has all the hallmarks of taking care of the skin, whereas the tanning salon franchise is proven to prematurely age the skin and create a risk for skin cancer and other types of damage.

Why L.A. Bikini is a Superior Investment Alternative to the Tanning Salon Franchise

As an investment opportunity, L.A. Bikini sugaring franchises are available at an incredible time. The sugaring business is growing as people seek alternatives to painful waxing.

In our experience, guests are amazed by how much less painful sugaring is compared to waxing, and how much better the hair removal is. Mostly, they’re impressed by how much smoother and more supple their skin looks and feels.

It’s so amazing, we’ve dubbed it The New Smooth™.

Self-care is at an all-time high, and sugaring achieves both hair removal and skin pampering in one service.

L.A. Bikini Franchisee Support

For L.A. Bikini franchisees, we’ve got a fantastic franchise model designed for its own kind of smooth, as in how smoothly it operates.

Our small footprint requirements mean build-outs are more efficient and overall operating costs are minimal. Staff sizes are kept manageable, and decor isn’t going to break the bank.

From the start, our 5-day training program for franchise owners covers everything about our history, values, and mission, as well as our products, techniques, and operations. Nothing is left to question. We also continue that support for our sugarists on an ongoing basis.

Training also includes equipment and technology, so our franchisees understand our software systems for the smooth operation of their L.A. Bikini sugaring franchise.

We continue that support beyond opening day with quarterly video training sessions for sugarists to stay in-the-know on industry standards. Our franchise owners also receive continued support on marketing and advertising, Learn How to Start a Sugaring Business here

L.A. Bikini is the investment opportunity today that tanning salon franchises were thirty years ago, but without the lasting skin damage. In a niche market with growth potential, now’s the time to begin with your first L.A. Bikini sugaring franchise location.

Call us today to get started.