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How We Discovered The New Smooth™


Learn about the hair removal industry and how L.A. Bikini stands apart from our competition.

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    Our Story

    About L.A. Bikini Sugaring Hair Removal Franchise

    Clay Haley was introduced to sugaring by a friend in Birmingham, Alabama in 2011. He was looking to revive a struggling waxing and tanning salon and had determined that customer experience was one key factor in the success of the business.

    After investigating further and learning that sugaring is a safe, gentle, and effective way to remove unwanted hair that’s been around for thousands of years, Clay incorporated sugaring into the business.

    The results astounded both the customers and Clay alike. Sugaring was a more thorough, less painful experience for the customers with a superior product that inflicted less trauma to the skin.

    The success of sugaring for the waxing and tanning salon was unmistakable.

    Since then, Clay has been refining the sugaring business model to incorporate his vision for a thriving, growing hair removal franchise.

    His Goals are Threefold


    Give clients a great experience where they feel The New Smooth™.


    Provide well-compensated employees with an amazing workplace so they love their jobs and give their all.


    Streamline operations for franchise owners to run a smooth, managable small business that enriches their lives.

    How Does it Work?

    Step 1

    We apply the sugar paste to the treatment area against the growth of the hair, so when we remove the paste, the hair follicle is pulled in the direction of hair growth.

    Step 2

    This leads to better hair removal, less breakage, fewer ingrown hairs, and less pain and trauma to the skin. The sugar paste only adheres to the hair and debris on the skin, so no live skin cells are affected. 

    Step 3

    With membership packages as well as a la carte pricing, we’re able to cater to our client’s needs and build loyal relationships. They get everything they’re looking for without feeling pressured while reaping the benefits of member savings.

    No Discomfort

    The techniques L.A. Bikini sugarists use are designed to thoroughly remove unwanted hair with as little discomfort to the customer as possible.

    The New Smooth ™

    Sugaring at L.A. Bikini produces results so remarkable, we call them The New Smooth™ and our customers love it.

    Meet the L.A. Bikini Franchise CEO

    Clay Haley

    Clay Haley is the CEO and founder of L.A Bikini Franchise. Clay Haley has been a successful entrepreneur for much of his 30-year professional career, honing his franchising, business development, and strategy skills on the foundation of a degree from Auburn University. Clay Haley has owned and operated two massage franchise units and revived a waxing and tanning salon in the South, which became the concept for L.A. Bikini.

    How many locations does L.A. Bikini franchise have?

    L.A. Bikini started franchising in 2015. There are currently 14 locations in 6 states, and the L.A. Bikini plans expansion throughout 2023.

    Free Industry Outlook: The Smooth Potential of The Hair Removal Industry

    Learn about the hair removal industry and how L.A. Bikini stands apart from our competition.