L.A. Bikini Franchise FAQs

Answers to Common Questions

What experience do I need to become an L.A. Bikini franchise owner?

While we don’t require our franchise owners to have previous franchising or sugaring experience, we are interested in business-savvy individuals with leadership skills and confidence in their ability to manage people.

If you care about others, are excited about the L.A. Bikini brand, and are ready for the next step in your entrepreneurial story, you could be a great fit!

How much will investing in an L.A. Bikini franchise cost?

The total estimate for investing in an L.A. Bikini franchise unit is between $306,750 and $433,000.

The franchise fee of $35,000 is included in those totals. Franchise owners must also have $100,000 in liquid capital to ensure the business has what it needs in the initial months to run smoothly.


Is there financing available?

We do not provide financing options, but in some cases, we may have advice to offer based on our previous experience with franchising development.

Are there ongoing fees to pay?

Franchise owners are responsible for a payment of 6% of gross sales as an ongoing royalty fee. There is also a 1% brand development fee that ensures L.A. Bikini has the means to continue developing the brand’s image on a national level. There will also be a small percentage of marketing spend that ensures L.A. Franchise owners will also be required to spend an appropriate amount on marketing that ensures L.A. Bikini is able to create effective future marketing strategies both locally and nationally.

What is the term of the agreement?

The initial franchise agreement is for a 10-year term, and renewals can be signed after the initial term for 10-year increments.

Is an L.A. Bikini franchise a good fit for veterans?

Yes! We offer veterans a discount on the franchising costs associated with opening an L.A. Bikini location. The streamlined business operations processes are well-suited to people with military experience.

How do I get started?

If you’re ready to learn more about opening an L.A. Bikini franchise, contact us at (704) 604-3741 or jfitzsimmons@mylabikini.com.

We will reach out to begin the meeting process so you may speak to key team members and receive our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

This electronic document will contain important details which will help inform your decision. You’ll need Adobe Acrobat software to be able to view and print the FDD. Paper copies can be made available on request.


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