Looking for a Waxing Franchise? Perhaps There’s a Smoother Option

The waxing franchise industry continues to grow as consumers become more mindful of their everyday beauty routines. Concepts surrounding selfcare are pushing the average consumer to become more knowledgeable about the healthiest options available to them and the planet. Sugar wax has surged in popularity due to its minimal use of ingredients and less painful approach over a traditional waxing franchise.

A sugar waxing franchise, like the fast growing LA Bikini, smooths all the edges off starting a sugar wax business of your own. It’s a smoother option than the other waxing franchise opportunities; Brazilian wax franchise or other traditional waxing franchises.

An LA Bikini sugar wax franchise comes with expert franchisee support to help your business sugar and shine its way into customers ongoing selfcare routines.

Waxing Franchise Industry

The waxing industry has grown rapidly over the past decade and is set to grow by billions of dollars in the next. This is important when exploring the possibility of opening a sugar wax franchise such as LA Bikini.

Continued future growth is one of the most important factors when considering opening a new business. This is no different with a waxing franchise. Sugar waxing has rapidly increased in popularity in recent years. The sugar wax business will continue to cut into the market share of traditional waxing franchises.

Along with the projected growth in the industry, there is little direct competition when a waxing franchise is placed in the ideal location and area. LA Bikini can help you predict the perfect location to open your sugar wax business or as some call it, a Brazilian sugaring business

Is Sugar Wax better for the Customer?

Sugar waxing has distinct advantages over traditional waxing, for a variety of reasons. Sugar wax is:

  1. Less painful than traditional waxing. The sugar paste is spread against the grain of the hair and then removed with the natural direction of hair growth. This is an ideal way to remove unwanted hair and is reportedly less painful for customers. 
  2. Less likely to irritate the skin. The sugar wax doesn’t stick to the skin in the same way cloth strips do. This, in combination with removing the hair in the direction of growth, helps to reduce ingrown hairs, irritation, and unnecessary discomfort. 
  3. More natural. Sugar wax is all natural. It’s so natural, you can eat it! Many waxing franchise brands use a blend of wax with a mixture of undisclosed ingredients and unpronounceable chemicals. If you can’t eat it, should it be on your skin?

It’s also so much more!

Did you Know Sugar Wax is Made from All Natural Ingredients?

Sugar Wax is made from a proprietary formula using all natural ingredients and has many benefits over other wax alternatives.

LA Bikini’s sugar wax is made with three main ingredients: sugar, lemon, and water.

Not only natural. Body sugaring is also safe, gentle, and effective.

It has been used for centuries by other cultures.

Extracting hair in its natural direction of growth helps eliminate breakage, unnecessary discomfort, irritation, and ingrown hairs.

Did you know sugaring also exfoliates dry skin cells, leaving skin smooth and refreshed?

A Membership Model Retains Customers

Once customers experience an LA Bikini sugar wax, they quickly realize the benefits over traditional waxing. A membership model is a natural extension to be able to offer the greatest benefit to customers in several ways.

The membership model of LA Bikini keeps customers engaged and coming back for those benefits. Membership gives customers special perks with only a short-term commitment. This contains costs while minimizing their obligation. Customers won’t feel stuck in a long contract they may not understand.

It also has important advantages for the owner and employees at a LA Bikini sugar waxing franchise. We know that you can’t separate the customer from the owner and employees. It’s a package deal.

We believe in making sure everyone is cared for. A membership model is a proven approach to stability.

Recurring, Predictable Income in a Waxing Franchise

A membership model like LA Bikini’s allows for recurring, predictable income. This is important for the retention of employees. It is just as important for the owner.

Stability is key for a growing business, happy employees, and customers. When owners and employees know they have a predictable cash flow they can focus their attention on improving the business and keeping customers happy.

Franchisee Support from LA Bikini

What sets LA Bikini apart from others is its culture. The business model is based on three principles:
1. Provide a great experience for the client.
2. Offer an amazing place to work for the employee.
3. Sustain a manageable, simple operation for the owner.

Providing a great sugar wax experience for the client is our specialty. This comes from having amazing employees within a simple structure that everyone can appreciate and understand.

We are focused on the intimacy that comes from trusted relationships with team members, customers, and the community at large. This level of intimacy starts at the top. A sugar waxing franchise with LA Bikini means support.

We open our doors and support our franchisees every step of the way.

The time to open a LA Bikini waxing franchise is now! We’ll be there to walk you through the amazing process of dreaming, planning, and opening the doors of your very own LA Bikini.

Get in touch today!