3 Reasons Sugaring is the Hair Removal Franchise to Invest In

In today’s world, the smart beauty consumer is very aware of what services are available to help them look and feel their best. People want experts, the latest in technique and technology, and the best experience they can get.

As such, businesses specializing in a single type of service are thriving. Hair removal franchises are one such targeted enterprise. 

We have the top 3 reasons sugaring is the next generation of hair removal franchise opportunity savvy investors should consider above a wax franchise.

Reason #1 Sugaring is the Hair Removal Franchise to Invest In

Better Customer Experience

Let’s be honest, pulling hair out by the follicle hurts. Doing so with multiple follicles at a time hurts more. People do this method of hair removal because: 

  • They’re hair-free for weeks rather than days
  • Skin is smooth and silky
  • It takes less time than plucking individual strands one at a time

For many years, waxing has become the standard of hair removal that lasts more than a few days. However, it has its drawbacks—pain, prone to ingrown hairs, and the wax temperature is quite hot at application.

Sugaring franchises like L.A. Bikini are beginning to problem-solve these drawbacks in several ways, including providing a better customer experience.

  1. The sugar paste adheres only to the hair follicles and dead skin cells, not to live skin. When it’s pulled, it only pulls away the unwanted hairs and debris on the skin’s surface, leaving behind freshly exfoliated, beautifully smooth skin in its wake. There’s less pain because the paste does not tug on live skin cells.
  2. The L.A. Bikini sugarists use industry-leading techniques to apply the sugar paste in the opposite direction of the hair growth. It’s then pulled away in the direction of hair growth, which is less painful for the customer, and means less breakage of the follicle.
  3. Third, fewer broken follicles means fewer ingrown hairs and an overall better outcome.
  4. L.A. Bikini is a much more tolerable temperature than wax, which is frequently melted using crockpot-style appliances. This means there’s a much lower risk of burns with sugaring at an L.A. Bikini hair removal franchise.

Reason #2 Sugaring is the Hair Removal Franchise to Invest in

Sugaring is Environmentally Friendly

The sugar paste at an L.A. Bikini hair removal franchise is sourced from one of the top vendors in the country that uses only all-natural ingredients. 

In fact, our sugar paste is of such quality, it’s considered food-grade, and it could be eaten!

That’s a bit different than what’s in the wax used in other hair removal franchises, which most often has paraffin as one of the most common ingredients. Paraffin often contains petroleum and other chemicals to make it sticky, and those ingredients can cause inflammation and rashes.

Not to mention that wax, when pulled off using paper, or the thicker wax itself, goes in the trash, and then to the landfill.

With sugar paste made of sugar, lemon juice, and water, customers know it’s as environmentally friendly as possible.

In addition, L.A. Bikini hair removal franchises require minimal equipment for storage, usage, and cleanup of the sugar paste we use. 

Hair removal is a messy business, but with a sugaring hair removal franchise, it can be much less so. 

Reason #3 Sugaring is the Hair Removal Franchise to Invest In

L.A. Bikini’s Sugaring Franchise Model is Smooth

There are other hair removal franchises out there, such as a laser hair removal franchise, or a wax franchise, but L.A. Bikini has created a business that is built with the franchise owner, the sugarist, and the customer in perfect balance.

With sugaring’s superior methodology over waxing, it’s winning over waxing customers by leaps and bounds. L.A. Bikini has added to that a franchise model that centers around respect.

We set up our franchise owners to create a workplace where their sugarists are paid competitively and receive exceptional training for the work they do. In turn, the sugarists become loyal to their workplace and bring their best every day, where their customers receive top-notch service from sugarists who are happy to be there.

Customers benefit from relaxed, easy-going experiences where they get the best hair removal experience on the market with amazing results, and build relationships with their sugarists. Many of them become long-term members and the L.A. Bikini franchise flourishes.

Happy customers mean our sugarists are busy and thriving, and our franchise owners can operate a seamless small business (or multiple locations!) with dedicated employees and great customer retention. The brand reputation is proven and the L.A. Bikini name grows.

With our small footprint requirements, extensive initial and ongoing training, technology tools, and cohesive marketing strategy, all L.A. Bikini franchise owners have everything they need to operate at a level that meets or exceeds the L.A. Bikini brand’s highest standards.

The initial investment estimate ranges between $306,750 and $433,000. In the comparison between sugaring and waxing, sugaring is winning hands down. For smart investors interested in an investment that’s primed to grow across the nation as more people make sugaring their hair removal method of choice, the brand to know is L.A. Bikini.

If you’d like more information, download our industry outlook for all the details! We’re excited to hear from you!