Sugaring Franchise for Sale: It’s the New Smooth™!

There is, happening now, a generational shift in how we achieve smooth, hair-free skin, and it’s making waves in the way beauty entrepreneurs are looking to invest. Instead of putting their efforts into waxing franchises, sugaring franchises for sale are catching their interest. Why?

Customers are ditching the hot wax hair removal methods in favor of sugaring—a time-tested, all-natural way of achieving beautiful, unbelievably smooth skin. Sugaring not only removes unwanted hair, it also clears away dead skin cells. It’s why we call it The New Smooth™. There’s nothing quite like it.

The Beginning of L.A. Bikini, A Sugaring Franchise for Sale

In 2011, Clay Haley was at the helm of a struggling waxing and tanning salon, tasked with determining why the business wasn’t doing better. The business itself had a solid market presence, and a decent client roster for the tanning side of things. Clay discovered it was the waxing side that struggled.

Further investigation showed customer experience was a key factor in why the business wasn’t performing to a better standard. At the urging of a friend and after plenty of research into its methodology, Clay decided to introduce sugaring into the business. 

Sugaring is a safe, effective way to remove unwanted hair, and it’s been around for thousands of years. Clay, however, was unprepared for the astonishing results the customers experienced; sugaring more thoroughly removed the clients’ unwanted hair, and they reported a much less painful experience. Many of them marveled at just how smooth sugaring left their skin, much more so than hot wax. 

Overall, they left the salon much happier and more pleased than with their waxing experiences.

Clay knew he had something special with sugaring, and determined a pivot to a different type of business was in his and his customers’ best interests. 

He refined the sugaring business model and developed his vision for a business that concentrates solely on hair removal. That was the start of Clay developing the L.A. Bikini sugaring franchise for sale to savvy entrepreneurs who are also ready to embrace the future of hair removal.

Sugaring Franchise for Sale: The Superiority of Sugaring vs Waxing

There are a few reasons sugaring provides a better customer experience to waxing:

  • There’s no hot, melted wax, no risk of burns, and no uncomfortable heat to acclimate to. It’s completely safe to the skin as it goes on.
  • Sugar paste is applied in the opposite direction of hair growth, so that when it’s pulled to remove the hair, it removes the follicles in the same direction of growth. This means there’s less breakage, less chance of developing ingrowns, and pulls more naturally with the skin.
  • Speaking of pulling with the skin, sugar paste only adheres to the unwanted hair and dead skin cells, never live cells. When the paste is pulled, it hurts much less than its wax counterpart because there’s much less trauma to the skin. It also results in exfoliation that leaves behind The New Smooth™ our customers can’t get enough of.

L.A. Bikini is the premier sugaring business for sale, and our sugar paste and techniques in the studio have put us at the forefront of the hair removal industry 

The Smooth Running Sugaring Franchise for Sale

We may say it a lot, but it’s true: the L.A.Bikini franchise model is a smoothly running business. We’ve set it up that way through a simple three-way balance between our franchise owners, the sugarists they employ, and the customers they serve. 

It starts with the franchise model that supports our franchise owners when they invest in our sugaring franchise for sale and become part of the L.A. Bikini family. They’re able to build the type of workplace where their sugarists are well-trained and fairly compensated for the work they do every day.

In turn, the sugarists feel well-supported by their franchise owners and enjoy coming to a workplace where they’re given everything they need to perform well and give L.A. Bikini customers the best possible sugaring experience. The sugarists are satisfied with their work and excited to be there, bringing their A-game every day.

From this, our customers receive a relaxed, open experience in a stress-free atmosphere from sugarists who genuinely want to give them the best possible sugaring experience they can. Our customers return and build relationships with their sugarists, and together, they see amazing results.

This fuels our membership sales for the franchise owners, who are able to grow their business from a simple sugaring franchise for sale. Our franchisees are able to run their small business (or multi-units!) with a level of confidence built around purposefully smooth operations that naturally result in high staff and customer retention. It’s easy to grow the L.A. Bikini brand in such a flourishing environment.

Where to Begin with an L.A. Bikini Sugaring Franchise for Sale?

We’re interested in potential franchisees who have a strong penchant for supporting the well-being of others and prioritizing a higher quality of life. 

The streamlined business model for an L.A. Bikini sugaring studio for sale has been perfected for sugaring, and we’re proud to be industry leaders for that service which is our bread and butter. We don’t necessarily need franchise investors who have prior experience, but entrepreneurs with a passion for results who can trust in our process will be more likely to thrive.

The sugaring franchise cost is between $306,750 and $433,000 for the initial investment. Qualified investors will also have $100,000 in liquid capital (which is also part of the investment estimate) to infuse into the business, particularly in the early months when the franchise location is just starting out.

If this sounds like the smoothest investment opportunity you’ve seen lately, and you’re an interested qualified investor, download our free industry outlook to learn more about the L.A. Bikini sugaring franchise for sale, the hair removal industry, and how you can become part of The New Smooth™!