How Do Beauty Franchises Profit? A Detailed Look at the Beauty Franchise Industry


The beauty industry is one of the biggest in the world, so it stands to reason owning a franchise within that industry could be lucrative.

How do beauty franchises profit? There are a multitude of ways, so let’s take a dive into some ways beauty franchise opportunities can be good investments.

The Beauty Industry and the Beauty Franchises that Profit

The global wellness economy is a juggernaut that generates more than $4 trillion in annual revenue annually. Because of its sheer size, we often break the statistics into more manageable segments to fully understand where certain businesses lie within the overall framework.

Here are a few of the more beauty-oriented major segments and their annual values as of 2021 according to the Global Wellness Institute:

  • Personal Care & Beauty – $955 billion
  • Healthy Eating, Nutrition, Weight Loss – $946 billion
  • Spas – $68 billion

GWI does have good news with a prediction of 9.9% compound annual growth rates (CAGR) for a global value of nearly $7 trillion by 2025

So are beauty franchises profitable? With numbers like these, it’s hard to believe they’re anything but profitable.

What kinds of beauty franchises can profit? These include:

  • beauty salon franchises
  • skin care franchises
  • beauty supply franchises
  • hair salon franchises
  • waxing franchises
  • sugaring franchises

Some of these businesses have overlapping services, and some of them specialize in a single service, positioning themselves as that service’s experts in the industry.

No matter how each franchise is positioned, there are many ways each of these beauty franchises profit, many of them through strategic business plans, brand recognition, and hard work.

Self-Care Contributes to the Beauty Franchise’s Profit

After the reality check that was the year 2020 and all it entailed—lockdowns preventing people from their routine salon appointments and typical grooming routines on top of the added stress of a global pandemic—Americans are more open to self-care than ever before.

People Magazine conducted a survey of the general American public, and they found that 7 in 10 Americans became more conscious of the need for self-care during 2020. 

The survey also found that 69% of participants planned to pursue more self-care practices in 2021 and beyond.

Definitions of self-care remain varied depending on whom you ask. Overall, people are open to the pampering, including a one-off appointment at a beauty franchise, or beginning a new routine for a grooming habit.

One such grooming habit viewed as self-care is hair removal through sugaring or waxing, which leads to routine appointments every few weeks. While waxing can leave a silky skin feel, it also can cause some skin sensitivity, whereas sugaring can also be considered a skincare therapy, because it exfoliates the skin as well as removing the hair, leaving the area silky smooth, often without nearly the level of discomfort of waxing.

A sugaring franchise such as L.A. Bikini, who are industry experts on hair removal and sugaring techniques, is one such beauty franchise profiting in today’s beauty market.

L.A. Bikini is a Hot Beauty Franchise to Consider

While sugaring for hair removal has been around since 1900 BC, there are a lot of people in modern times who are rediscovering this method and learning that L.A. Bikini’s sugaring techniques are better than waxing in the following ways:

  • Less breakage of the hair’s root. This means fewer ingrown hairs, better overall removal of hair strands, and smoother, silkier skin.
  • Less painful. Sugar paste only adheres to the hair follicle and dead skin cells, not live skin. So when it’s pulled, it’s much less painful. Sugar paste is also applied to the skin at skin temperature, with far less risk of burns than with wax.
  • Better adherence. Sugar paste from one of the nation’s leading paste vendors adheres to the hair better, which contributes to better removal of even shorter hair.
  • Better removal of shorter hair means the appointments can be scheduled closer together—which sounds contradictory for people who want to remove hair less frequently, but there are 2 reasons this works long-term:
    • Prevents new hair growth – only actively growing hair can be removed, so any hairs coming out of the dormant phase into the active phase are removed as soon as they appear
    • Hair is less likely to return – the more frequently a follicle is removed at the root, the smaller the chance it can grow at all. More frequent sugaring up front eventually allows for more time between appointments in the future as hair simply stops growing back at the same speed and quantity.
  • L.A. Bikini has top tier sugarists who are competitively compensated and highly trained and supported. Our sugarists love to come to work, which makes our franchise locations relaxed places where our guests receive top-notch customer services by sugarists who are passionate and committed to their work. Supporting our staff helps them bring their best to our customers every single day.

This makes for happier customers, fewer customer service concerns, and a smooth running business.

As far as spa franchise opportunities go, an L.A. Bikini sugaring franchise may be a fantastic investment for beauty franchise profits.

L.A. Bikini’s Franchise Model Supports Our Franchisees

L.A. Bikini is a leader in an emerging market because we’ve considered all angles for how to make our beauty franchises profitable. We focus on giving franchisees the support required to help them smoothly run their business. From there, they develop strong, loyal relationships with their sugarists and provide what they need to perform well with superb products, industry-leading training, and competitive compensation. 

In turn, sugarists give our customers the best service possible to meet demand and exceed expectations, which grows our clientele and reputation. 

It’s a relationship cycle that results in a smooth operation all the way around.

We achieve this by supporting our franchisees and sugarists from the very beginning, and providing a streamlined opening process, beginning with:

  1. Small footprint requirements that embrace efficiency. This helps keep costs low and paves the way for a beauty franchise that’s profitable.
  2. Guidance and training is extensive, opening with a 5-day training course that includes the company’s history, values, and mission. Then we move onto the products and services we offer as well as our proprietary sugaring methods.
  3. Technology helps set each L.A. Bikini run as seamlessly as possible, with POS systems, data reporting, management programs, purchasing and inventory control, and cost management software designed to keep the beauty franchise profitable. We also offer training on equipment and maintenance.
  4. Ongoing support is vital to our franchisees and their sugarists, so we never stop training. Quarterly video training sessions keep our sugarists up-to-date on L.A. Bikini techniques and standards. We also support franchisees with marketing campaigns and advertising that builds the brand so everyone involved can keep L.A. Bikini as a beauty franchise profiting.

We’re looking for entrepreneurs with a head for business and an excitement for the well-being of others to continue the L.A. Bikini legacy as a leader in the hair removal industry with products and techniques that smooth the way for a better customer experience. If you think beauty franchise profits sound exciting, contact us today or download our industry outlook to learn more!