3 Reasons to Invest in a Sugaring Franchise

Hair removal falls into the category of self-care these days. When people get rid of their unwanted hair, they feel confident in their appearance and love the way their skin feels. In fact, hair removal is so popular, it has entrepreneurs considering whether or not to invest in a sugaring franchise.

There are many hair removal methods, so why start a sugaring business? How much does a sugaring franchise cost? What comes with a sugaring franchise investment? These are all questions we hope this article can help you answer.

Reasons to Invest in a Sugaring Franchise

Let’s start with the reasons to invest in a sugaring franchise. Why choose sugaring as a hair removal method? And why focus on only hair removal over, say, a full-service beauty salon?

Sugaring is Superior to Waxing

Despite sugaring having been around since Ancient Egyptian times, it’s waxing that seems to have gained greater popularity in the United States to remove unwanted hair. However, the sugaring technique is being revived, and we’re not surprised. Compared to waxing, sugaring hair removal is superior in pretty much every way.

  1. Sugar paste is chemical free. In fact, it’s made of sugar, citric acid (lemon juice), and water. That’s it. Of course, there’s a knack to getting the right ratios of those ingredients for a quality sugar paste, so for those who’ve invested in a sugaring franchise with L.A. Bikini, we leave that up to our sugar supplier, who’s one of the leading suppliers in the US.
  2. Sugar paste is applied to the skin at body heat temperature, whereas wax is applied at a much higher heat. Sugaring clients experience far lower risks of burns to their skin as a result. Not to mention, much less ow factor.
  3. When sugar paste is applied, it’s in the opposite direction of hair growth. When the paste is pulled, the hair follicles come out in the same direction as hair growth. This technique results in fewer broken follicles, which means fewer ingrown hairs.
  4. Let’s talk about what the sugar paste adheres to—the hair follicle all the way to its root, and dead skin cells. That’s it. So when the paste is pulled, all it removes is the hair and dead skin. It hurts far less than with waxing. In fact, there’s so much less discomfort, first time sugaring clients are frequently amazed at how little pain they felt.
  5. The end result is the best difference of all: smoothly exfoliated skin (no more dead skin cells, too, right?) and fully removed hair follicles. Because the paste adheres to the whole length of the follicle, absolutely no hairs are left behind. Sugar paste also adheres to shorter hair, so clients don’t have to go as long between sessions or let the hair grow quite as long before getting smooth again.

See what we mean? Sugar is superior to waxing in almost every way! That’s reason #1 to invest in a sugaring franchise.

Self-Care is More Necessity than Luxury

Another reason to invest in a sugaring franchise is the rise in self-care. 

We all feel a little more bounce in our step when we’re confident in our appearance. A good hair day, a new outfit, a fresh makeup technique—all of these things can go a long way toward building our confidence. So can removing unwanted hair.

For many, removing unwanted hair is self-care, but they hate doing so by shaving. In fact, waxing is more expensive than shaving or depilatory creams, but because it’s only a monthly occurrence, people will gladly budget for it. That’s preferable to daily shaving, and it lifts a burden from the grooming routine that feels like a chore.

While there is a societal shift about hair removal being an aesthetic choice rather than something people should feel pressured by, those who choose smooth, hair-free skin consider hair removal services as a necessity that helps their mental health. It’s not a luxury, as a pedicure may be, or an indulgence, but a necessity.

Hair removal, regardless of the method, may help people stay on an even keel, help them to feel they’re keeping up with their hygiene, and give them a put-together mentality that can’t be achieved otherwise. The consequences of not removing the hair are too anxiety-inducing for some people to even consider.

Investing in a sugaring franchise is one way to help people see hair removal services as part of their normal grooming routines. Hair removal has been around for thousands of years. It’s more than a trend. It’s pretty safe to say it’s here to stay.

L.A. Bikini has the Smoothest Franchise Model Available

Running a smooth sugaring franchise business opportunity is about more than smooth skin. At L.A. Bikini, we want to set our franchise owners up for a business that runs well and operates with ease.

So we’ve perfected our franchise model to do just that for entrepreneurs who invest in a sugaring franchise with L.A. Bikini.

First, L.A. Bikini franchises are remarkably efficient, both in terms of the equipment needed to operate and the amount of space necessary in locations. With a smaller footprint, our franchise owners are able to reduce ongoing operating costs, minimize their staffing needs, and lower initial build-out requirements for a much more affordable day-to-day business.

Next, our technology tools offer POS systems, data reporting, and software management programs that easily run the business’s administrative functions. This includes all the accounting, inventory control, scheduling, payroll, and cost management aspects of running an L.A. Bikini sugaring franchise smoothly. 

We continually support our L.A. Bikini franchisees and their sugarists, too. With extensive initial training, our franchisees learn everything they need from the beginning, including the company history, products, and sugaring techniques.

That support never ends. Our quarterly video training sessions keep our franchise owners and sugarists around the country involved with the latest standards and newest techniques in the sugaring industry. We also provide our franchisees with marketing and advertising strategies so the L.A. Bikini brand grows and thrives.

Investing in a Sugaring Franchise with L.A. Bikini

There you have it. Three reasons to invest in a sugaring franchise

L.A. Bikini is rapidly rising as the premier sugaring brand in the US. We’re seeking qualified entrepreneurs who are interested in becoming part of an exciting opportunity at a time when we’re expanding to meet a great deal of demand. 

People are tired of the pain, risk, and expense of waxing, and they’re discovering sugaring as an excellent, safe, and affordable alternative. We teach our franchisees everything they need when learning how to start a sugaring business as soon as the franchise is awarded. Contact us today to get started!